Refuah Shelemah ​Suzie Bat Rachel
Refuah Shelemah Yaffe Bat Rifka
Refuah Shelemah For Miriam Bat Chana


The site’s primary goal is to allow users to search for shiurim by Rabbi, Category, Sub-Category, Class Title, or by Keyword. Users can listen to the class for free while at the computer in streaming WMA format, or users can download the class in MP3 format for a small charge. The fees collected will be distributed to the class author and to Keter Tapes to cover costs.

To Search For Shiurim....
At the site, you can search for a shiur (class) by Rabbi, by category, be keyword, etc. Examples of keywords are; ‘kashrut’ or ‘Shabbat’ or ‘Pesach’. Click ‘GO’ to see your search results. Once the results are displayed, you can sort by clicking on the header titles. (For example, you can sort based on cost to see all FREE shiruim by clicking on the 'COST' header title.)

To Listen To Shiurim Immediately....
Once you see the results, you can immediately listen to the shiur by clicking onto the speaker icon. The class will stream (play without delay) in WMA format. You will need to have Windows Media installed on your computer, which is free from:

To Download Shiurim....
First, you will need to create an account. Click on ‘Click Here To Register' in the subscriber login box at left. Enter all the pertinent information and you will then be ready shop for shiurim. To download a shiur, search for the shiur and click on ‘Add Download To Cart’.

You can also select DOWNLOAD NOW if there is a balance in your account or if the shiur is free. **To download FREE shiurim, you must first register and be signed in.

Once your shopping cart is full of shiurim, click on ‘Proceed To Checkout’. Now you will need to add credit (money) to your account. Click on ‘Add Credit’, and enter your Credit Card information. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. (Please note that we will not store any credit card information.) Payments can be made in any amount, and your account will reflect a credit balance if paying more than required for the current purchase. (Please note that there will be a surcharge of $.50 for payments made under $20.00.)

Once your credit card information is entered, you will be taken to a screen to confirm your payment. Click on CONFRIM to process your payment. After processing a Receipt will appear on screen. Your account balance will now reflect the money added. Click CONTINUE and you will be taken to your shopping cart. Click
‘Go Ahead and Process My Order’, to purchase the downloads. You will then be taken to a screen called ‘My Downloads’. It is there, where you are able to click on the purchased shiur to begin your download. Please note that downloads will only be available for 7 days from the date of purchase.

Other Site Features....

MY ALERTS - Set an email alert to be notified when a new Shiur by your preferred Rabbi or topic becomes available. You can also set the frequency (how often) you will receive the email.

MY DOWNLOADS will show you the shiurim you have purchased that are still active. Downloads will expire after 7 days of purchase.

MY HISTORY allows you to see your complete transaction history, including credits that you added to your account, and the shiurim purchased. You can also view download history.

MY PROFILE allows you to change any personal information such as your email address, password, home address and telephone number. Credit card information will not be stored on our system for your protection.

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